Tenant democracy

The tenants in Jyrkkälä can actively have their say on common matters. The tenant committee appointed by the tenants supervises their interests, participates in decision-making and arranges different types of events in the area.

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Let’s live ecologically!

With the amount of energy produced by Jyrkkälä’s solar panels every year, one 13-watt LED lamp would stay illuminated for about 238 years.

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Questions about the coronavirus situation?

We take care of safety in Jyrkkälä during the pandemic.

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Easier to recharge electric cars

In addition to our solar panels, Jyrkkälä’s green values are underlined by the electric car recharging spaces in the parking area that were completed in autumn 2020.

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Jyrkkälä family café

The West Turku association of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare is active in the Jyrkkälä area. It runs a family café and provides child care, for example. The meeting places open to everyone offer a chance to chat with others, have a cup of coffee and play with children.

West Turku association of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare on Facebook 

Free housing guidance

The City of Turku’s housing counselor Mirka Järvinen can give you advice on applying for housing-related subsidies and benefits or help you with other housing challenges. The housing counselor will support you in difficult everyday situations and can help you find the right services for your situation.

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