Tenant democracy

The tenants in Jyrkkälä can actively have their say on common matters. The tenant committee appointed by the tenants supervises their interests, participates in decision-making and arranges different types of events in the area.

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Let’s live ecologically!

With the amount of energy produced by Jyrkkälä’s solar panels every year, one 13-watt LED lamp would stay illuminated for about 238 years.

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Questions about the coronavirus situation?

We take care of safety in Jyrkkälä during the pandemic.

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Guidance and counselling for everyday problems

Are you struggling with your finances, substance abuse issues, problems with everyday life or some other
challenging life situation? Seeking support early helps you get the right services and solve your challenges.
Contact Social Services at the City of Turku for guidance and counselling via telephone or in the chat on this

Contact information

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