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Privacy policy updated 24.5.2018.


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For questions concerning the processing of personal data of Kiinteistö Oy Jyrkkälänpolku, please contact our office or

Personal information is collected in our housing company for various purposes. The lease register is maintained to manage matters related to the rental contracts. We keep the list of residents and the repair register in order to make our housing company run everyday. In addition, we have a register of the recording surveillance camera and the electronic access control that we have at our disposal, for the safety of people and property.

The following personal information is recorded in the registers:

Lease register

The lease register stores the names and dates of birth of the tenants, and the address of the rental apartment.

Tenant list

In the list of tenants, their personal identification numbers and dates of birth are stored because the unambiguous identification of the data subject is important for the exercise of the rights and obligations of the data subject or the controller (eg. debt collection). Also the address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, as well as other personal information necessary for the administration, are stored in the tenant list.

Renovation register

The renovation register stores the names, address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the tenants, any other contact person, and the executors of the work (eg. designer, contractor, supervisor). Personal data may be transferred to the contractor if necessary.

Register of electronic access control and video surveillance

The electronic register stores the apartment number and  identification number of a key that has been in the lock. In addition, if the door has a clock circuit or is connected to the Online system, the register will also show the date and time. The key management program of the company is marked with the name and address of the key holder, on the basis of which the information can be combined. The company also keeps a manual key register in the form of acknowledgment forms. The data content of the recording camera surveillance is the footage recorded by them.

How we collect and store personal information

The personal information of our residents and people applying for apartments is collected from themselves. The information may also be updated from government sources or other service providers in order to ensure that the information in our registers is up to date.

We keep personal information about the leases and the list of residents as long as the resident is living in the housing company. However, after moving out, this data can be retained and used for the time and to the extent necessary for billing, debt collection and legal action. Even after the resident has moved out, the renovation register information is stored to verify the apartment’s renovation and repair history. The data contained in the recording camera is stored with a password and the system automatically deletes obsolete data. The data contained in the access control register will be deleted when the resident is moves out.

Personal information is accessible to our company staff and auditor to perform their duties. In addition, the information may be disclosed to the authorities (eg KELA) in the manner required by law, and possibly to a collection company for the recovery of debts. Personal data of the recording surveillance camera and electronic access control can be viewed by the company’s employees to investigate suspected misconduct or crime. This information may only be disclosed to the investigating authorities upon written request. All processing of personal data is done with respect for the privacy of the persons in the register and the information received is kept secret. The personnel and board of the housing company are familiar with the privacy policy.

If the ownership of the apartment is transferred to someone other than KOy Jyrkkälänpolku, we may provide the new owner with the information necessary for the management of the lease. Any data will not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Our housing association ensures that the registers’ personal information is adequately protected and we require this also from our subcontractors to whom the information may be disclosed. In practice, the personal data processed by the housing company can be located on servers or devices of external service providers, so that we can ensure an adequate level of security. Paper documents are kept in a locked space, protected from fire.

The rights of the data subject

The data subject has the right under the Personal Data Act to check what information has been stored in the register. The request for verification must be made in writing, using the form provided by the office and it must be signed in person. The data subject has the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure of information concerning him/her for direct marketing, distance selling and other marketing and opinion surveys by contacting the contoller. The data subject has the right to request the rectification or erasure of incorrect information by contacting the controller.

You have the right to stop using the services at any time. The user’s personal information will be destroyed at the request of the user, unless legislation, open invoices, or debt recovery measures prevent the data from being erased. Data may be stored for accounting or other compelling legislation in accordance with the provisions of that law, even after the termination of the customer relationship or other basis for processing personal data.


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