Club rooms

Do you want to arrange a party, a board game evening or some other activity? Book one of Jyrkkälä’s club rooms!

Located in the buildings A, B, C, E, F and VXY , the club facilities are free of charge for tenants. You can book a facility from the office by paying a €50 cleaning deposit. The deposit will be refunded to you after you have cleaned the room and left it in good condition. You can book a club room from the office by phone or e-mail or by visiting it during the opening hours.

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Jyrkkälän Olkkarit

Three large facilities on the ground floor of buildings F, B and VXY.  All of them have unobstructed entrances, a kitchen, toilet, furniture and lockable cabinets. The facilities are suitable for arranging clubs, chatting with others, reading magazines, having a cup of coffee or just spending time together.

  • Bertan Olkkari: Complete kitchen accessories (incl. an oven, a fridge-freezer and coffee machine and kettle) and a toilet.
  • Folkken Olkkari: Limited kitchen accessories (incl. a microwave oven, fridge-freezer, coffee machine and kettle) and a toilet.
  • Vexin Olkkari: Kitchenette (incl. an oven, a fridge and coffee machine and kettle), a toilet and a hobby space

Jyrkkälän Pajat

Three smaller facilities on the ground floor of buildings A, C and E. All the facilities have unobstructed entrances, a water tap and furniture. They are suitable for hobbies and small group meetings, for example.

  • Ellin Paja: Meeting room with tables and chairs.
  • Constan Paja: a hobby space with a table suitable for building and repairing things.
  • Allin Paja: A space for chatting, with a lounge-type set of couches.

Community centre

The community centre can be booked for family celebrations or arranging a book club, for example. You can send a booking request by contacting our office by phone or email. Type in information about the event, including the number of persons and the desired time.