Laundry and Smartpost

Jyrkkälä’s laundry, drying room and Smartpost parcel locker are located in the housing company’s maintenance building. You can access the laundry with an access right by paying a deposit (€20) to the office. Once you have paid the deposit, you can access the laundry with your own key. If you want to give up your access right, the deposit will be refunded to you. Please contact the office!


Opening hours
Mon–Tue, Thu–Sun from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Wed from 12 noon to 9 p.m.

You can book the laundry by marking your shift on the calendar in the laundry, max. 3 h/machine. If you forget to cancel your time, it will be cancelled 15 minutes after it has started.

Always follow the machines’ operating instructions.

Smartpost parcel locker

Posti’s parcel locker is situated in the laundry. You can pick up parcels from the parcel locker during the laundry opening hours. If you do not want to get an access permit, you can order your parcel to a parcel locker available in Sale.

Picking up a parcel: how to open the locker

  • You will receive a notification of arrival, the locker number and its opening code as an SMS message.
  • Open the lock using the code. The locker opens when you pull the lock.
  • Take the parcel out and close the locker.
  • Remember that parcels are kept in the locker for a maximum of 7 days.

How to order items from an online store to Posti’s parcel locker

  • Use the Oma noutopiste (My pickup point) service. Select your building’s parcel locker as the pickup point in the service.
  • Always use your mobile phone number when ordering or sending parcels.
  • When ordering items from an online store, select ”Nouto omasta Postista” (Pickup from local post office) as the delivery method and use your own home address as the delivery address.