Frequently asked questions


How do I report a defect in the apartment?

The tenant must inform the landlord of any defects s/he has discovered. If the tenant fails to report the defect, liability may be transferred to the tenant.

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Can I drill holes in the walls of the apartment?

Holes can be drilled for the installation of pictures etc. Ask the landlord first about necessary tools and equipment for the walls. Do not drill in the bathroom – the waterproofing might get broken.

Why is the radiator not warm, even though it’s winter?

The radiator isn’t supposed to be warm all the time. The radiator has a thermostat that allows it to warm up only when the room cools down below the set value in the thermostat. The radiator works correctly when only the top part is warm. The recommended room temperature is 21-22 ° C.

Can I renovate the apartment by myself?

In principle, the tenant is not allowed to carry out repairs or alterations in the apartment. However, if you want to do this type of work, be sure to contact the landlord in advance. If the apartment has undergone unauthorized repairs or alterations, it may result in liability for the tenant.


When and how do I pay my rent?

The rent must be paid monthly, by the 10th day of each month. We will send you the payment information every year. You’ll see an account and a reference number. Always use this reference number when you pay the rent. You can also use an e-invoice, which will be invoiced directly to your online bank, or a direct payment that will automatically be paid out of your account on the due date.

What if I can’t pay the rent by the due date?

Contact our office as soon as possible to make a payment agreement. Otherwise, we will send you a payment request. If the rent remains unpaid for more than one month’s time, and we do not receive your payment by the due date, we will collect the debt by legal process.

Apartment application

How do I apply for an apartment?

We will process your application and email you an offer when free apartments are available.

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I have already sent an apartment application. Why haven’t I received an offer yet?

The application is valid for three months at a time. We may have not had a suitable apartment to offer you during this time. You can send a new application after the old application has expired.

Living in Jyrkkälä

My neighbor is being noisy. What do I do?

The rules of the house prohibit making loud noise between 22:00 and 07:00. The easiest and fastest way to solve the situation is to kindly ask your neighbor to keep it down. If necessary, you can also make a disturbance notice to the Jyrkkälänpolku office.

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I am moving to Jyrkkälä. When do I get the keys and what do I need to consider before moving?

You have received the instructions to pay the safety deposit in advance. Have you already made the payment, so that we can see it on our bank account? You will get the keys to your new home on the first day of the rental contract. Remember to submit an official notification of change of address. Please remember that you also need to make your own electricity contract.

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