Services and prices

Free services

Customer service

Customer service at the Jyrkkälä office Mon, Tue, Fri 12–15 and Wed, Thu 12–16.

Maintenance services

Repair of technical faults, installation of a dishwasher and washing machine, etc.


Weekly cleaning of shared spaces.


The resident receives two keys/apartment. The shared spaces can be accessed with an electronic master key. The doors are equipped with a safe iLOQ system.

Storage rooms

On the ground floor of each house.

Skate park

For all skateboarders in the area.

Bike shelter

Common storage space for bikes.

Laundry room

The laundry room and drying room are available Mon–Sun 7–21, except Wed 12–21. There is no additional usage fee. The residents can get a key to the laundry room by paying a 20 € safety deposit.

Drying racks

For the residents’ clothes and carpets.

Lockable outdoor drying areas

The outside drying areas on the ground floors of houses Z, Å, Ä, Ö, B and D are available for everyone.

Cold storage spaces

On the ground floor of the houses LMN, Q, R, S and Ä there is a cold storage where you can book a storage cabinet if you wish.

Park area

Recreation and outdoor activities for all residents of the area.

Playgrounds and stretching equipment

For children and outdoor activities.

Chess game area

You can get a key to access the chess pieces for a 10 € safety deposit.


Parking area for the residents and their guests.

Parking for large vehicles

For the residents’ large vehicles that do not fit into a regular parking space.

Washing machine / dishwasher installation

Free of charge.

Smart Post

In the laundry room.

Paid and deposit services


Sauna shift

Regular 13 €/month, single shift 4 €/shift

Laundry room key

20 € deposit

Storage space for a pram

10 € deposit

Cold storage

10 € deposit

Opening the door

Mon–Fri at 07–15: 10 €

Sat–Sun at 07–15: 60 €

Mon–Sun at 15–22: 60 €

Mon–Sun at 22–07: 90 €

Extra key to the apartment

30 € deposit

Extra master key

30 € deposit

Replacing a missing key

30 €

Resetting the locks

200 €

Booking the club room

50 € deposit for the key and cleaning

Outside bike shelter

5 €/month

Moped shelter

10 €/month

Motor bike shelter

10 €/month

Parking space

7 €/month

Parking space without electricity

3,50 €/month

Extra key to the parking space

5 €

Security deposit

Two-room apartment 500 €
Three-room apartment 600 €
Four-room apartment 700 €


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