Broadband and TV services

Our apartments have access to DNA’s basic 10M housing company broadband and TV services included in the rent.

Activating the broadband

  • Subscription is activated by calling DNA’s customer service. They will help you get started.
  • Connect your computer to the DATA/ATK socket on the side of the living room home switch with a network cable.
  • If you want to use a wireless network, you need to get a suitable router for this purpose. The router is connected in the same way to the DATA/ATK socket on the home switchboard.

Enabling TV services

  • You need a digital box or a TV (DVB-C) suitable for cable economy. For certain basic channels you can use a digital antenna box (DVB-T), but you need to tune it.
  • Do a channel search on your TV or digital box. For instructions, see the user guide for your device.
  • For channel tuning or other work that requires installation service, you can order a paid installation visit from DNA’s partner HS-Work’s customer service, tel. 075 756 6000 (0,22 €/min + mpm).

Do you need help?

  • DNA customer service tel. 044 144 044 (weekdays 8–18, sat. 9–16:30, normal price)
  • DNA fault and blind spot reports tel. 0800 300 500 (24h, free of charge)
  • DNA senior line tel. 044 144 244 (weekdays 9–16, normal price)