Parking spaces

Reserve a parking space for your car or a recharging space for your electric or hybrid car! You will receive the parking space from the office by signing an agreement, which can be terminated with one calendar month’s notice.

Prices of parking spaces

  • Parking space: €9/month
  • Parking space without electricity: €4.50/month
  • Spare master key for the parking space: €5

Electric car recharging spaces

How to use an electric car recharging space:

  1. Sign a rental agreement for the parking space with KOy Jyrkkälänpolku.
  2. Download the eParking application from your app store.
  3. Log in to the service and enter the required information.
  4. Tick the required box in the rental agreement.

After you have downloaded the eParking application to your phone, you can manage your downloads, set regular recharge times and monitor your use of electricity. KOy Jyrkkälänpolku will charge electricity from the tenant once a month in accordance with actual electricity consumption reported to the eParking service. The price of electricity is determined according to the tenant invoicing price list valid at any given time.

Terms of renting a recharging space

The recharging spaces are only intended for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. In other respects the rental is subject to the same terms as those applying to other parking spaces in the area. If the tenant fails to pay the rent or otherwise breaches the terms of use of the parking space, the lessor has the right to terminate or cancel the parking space rental agreement. KOy Jyrkkälänpolku monitors the electricity consumption of the recharging space so that it can prepare invoices.