How to take care of your home

On this page you will find useful tips for taking care of your apartment. If these instructions are not helpful, please submit a defect notification by clicking the link below. Keep in mind that the resident is obliged to take good care of the apartment and to avoid all kinds of activity that can damage the apartment. If you notice any defects that are the landlord’s responsibility to repair, please let us know right away.

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  • The room temperature should be 21–22 °C, but not close to the outer wall. If the room temperature is too low or high, submit a defect report.
  • The radiator is supposed to be cold from time to time: for example, if the outside air temperature is over 12 °C, or if you are concerned about the thermostatic valve.
  • If the apartment is hot, adjust the radiator thermostat lower. Do not air out the heat.
  • Do not place any furniture, curtains etc. in front of the thermostat or radiator.
  • If only the top of the radiator is warm, the radiator valve is working properly.

Water leakage or defective pipe joints

  • Close the tap’s shut-off valves.
  • Submit a defect report immediately.


  • Open the stench trap, remove any accumulated material and wash with a mild detergent solution.

There is a draft by the windows or the air feels stuffy

  • There are two types of ventilation systems in the buildings. Houses Z–Ö have mechanical exhaust ventilation. Check that the replacement air velves of the windows are open. Wash the valve if necessary.
  • Houses A–Y have a mechanical input/extract air ventilation. Use a cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clean the outside of the ventilation valves.


  • Wash the cooker hood grease filter and exhaust air valves with a mild detergent solution at least once a month. Do not adjust the exhaust valve settings.
  • Regularly monitor the operation of the dishwasher and make sure that the hose connections do not leak. Clean the filter inside the dishwasher according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Pull the fridge out of its place and vacuum the back of the machine at least once a year. Check the operation of the fridge and the freezer in accordance with the operating instructions. Let the freezer melt according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Regularly clean the trash filter in the kitchen sink.
  • Clean the ventilation valves of dust and dirt at least twice a year. If the cover is detachable, it can be washed with a mild detergent solution. Keep the valves open, do not cover them. Do not change the valve settings.

TV channels and internet

No electricity in the apartment or in one of the sockets

  • Check the fuses in the apartment. Raise the tripped fuse to the ON position.
  • Check if other residents have the same problem (are the lights on in the yard, do other apartments have their lights on). You can get more information from Turku Energia.

Bathroom and WC

  • Wipe the ceiling and wash the floor and walls regularly, as they can easily accumulate dirt and detergent residues. Always dry the floor after washing up.
  • Regularly clean floor drain and its interior, at least once a month.
  • Clean the filter of the sink regularly.
  • Follow the operation of the washing machine regularly and make sure the hose connections do not leak. Clean the machine’s lint filter according to the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • Clean the air ventilation valves from dust at least twice a year. If the cover is detachable, it can be washed with a mild detergent solution. Always keep the valves open, do not cover them. Make sure that air circulates properly. Check the ventilation units according to the operating instructions and remember that the valve adjustment position must not be changed.


  • Keep the balcony clean by removing any water and trash.
  • Do not throw anything from the balcony (cigarette butts, rubbish, snow, etc.)