Sauna shifts

You can book your own sauna shift from the office. Regular shifts are invoiced in connection with the rent using the same reference number. Single shifts are invoiced separately.

Sauna shift prices

  • Regular shift €13/month
  • Single shift €4/shift

Rules for using the sauna facilities

  • Remember that your neighbour will use the sauna after you. Together, let’s make sure that bathing in the sauna is pleasant for everyone.
  • Keep the facilities clean. Do not leave nappies, sanitary towels or other rubbish in the sauna facilities.
  • Go to the sauna during your own shift.
  • Leave glass bottles at home. Prefer cans or plastic bottles.
  • It is forbidden to use sauna scents.
  • It is forbidden to dye your hair in the sauna facilities.
  • When you are finished, switch off the lights and close the doors and windows.