Information for new residents

Welcome to Jyrkkälä!

Great that you have decided to move in as our neighbour. Please keep the following things in mind so your move goes smoothly.

Before moving

  • The lease can be signed after you have submitted the necessary attachments to our office. An ID card, driver’s license or passport must be presented in order to prove your identity when signing the lease. Submit the following attachments that apply to you either by email (birgitta.vakiparta(a) or bring them to the office:
    – If you are employed: a payroll statement
    – Tax certificate from anyone over 18 years old
    – If you are a pensioner: a certificate of the amount of your pension
    – If you are a student: a study certificate
    – If you have a mortgage: the creditor’s certificate of debt
    – Certificate of the fair value of your assets
    – If you are pregnant: a pregnancy certificate
    – If you are an immigrant: a statement of your right to reside in the country (a copy of your passport).

Before signing the lease and handing over the keys

  • The security deposit must be paid so that it appears in our account. Payment will be made as its own payment, using the reference number indicated on the invoice. Showing the receipts is not enough. Note the transfer time between banks!
  • You must get an electricity contract to your apartment and prove it has been made.

Other considerations

  • A notification of change of address must be submitted to Posti. If more people move into the apartment later, they need to fill out a moving notice to KOy Jyrkkälänpolku.
  • Rent and other payments can be handled as a direct payment or e-invoice. If you receive housing allowance (does not apply to the pension supplement), direct payment is not possible.
  • The insurances of KOy Jyrkkälänpolku do not cover property damage to residents, so we recommend getting your own home insurance.
  • The new resident will receive a total of three keys: two keys to the apartment and a master key, to which rights can be added to other facilities (sauna, laundry room, etc.) if necessary. It is not possible to order additional copies of the keys yourself, but you can order more from the office for a deposit. If a key is lost or stolen, the office must be notified. If all keys are not returned when moving out, the resident is liable.

On the moving day

  • Make sure that the walls are not damaged or made dirty when moving goods. Do not bring any items that can damage the elevator into the elevator. Do not keep the elevator occupied longer than necessary. Note the weight limit of the elevator.
  • Get to know the rules of living in Jyrkkälä. Every resident has a duty to notify the office if the rules are violated, in order to maintain the residential satisfaction.
  • You can start using the housing company’s broadband and TV services.

Any questions?

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